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  • Procedural administrative services :
    1. Depositing and registering of trade, industrial and service marks.
    2. Depositing and registering of drawings, industrial and benefits forms.
    3. Depositing and registering of patents.
  • Legal services having administrative form
    1. Submitting objections related to the registration of any marks, forms or patents similar to those related to customers.
    2. Submitting claims regarding the general registrar decisions when refusing registration of any mark, form or patents related to the customer.
    3. Submitting periodical-renewal requests for the trademarks in the specific time on behalf of customers to avoid cancelation.
    4. Submitting protection-extension requests for industrial and benefits forms for the specific time on behalf of customers.
    5. Submitting amendment or cancelation requests for any marks, forms or patents as per customer’s request, and then publishing that procedure.
    6. Writing down the processes conducted by the customer on any mark , form or patent, at the registers of the concerned official bodies, whether these processes are in terms of sale, rent, waive, grant or mortgage.
  • Legal judicial services ( protection)
    1. Submitting judicial appeals against administrative decisions issued by claims committee when refusing customer’s claim related to decisions of the general registrar.
    2. Taking proactive , precautionary judicial measures to protect customers’ marks , forms or patents from abuse, by obtaining temporary judicial orders to implementation authorities such as customs and similar departments to make a generalization on all ports (sea , land, air) for the sake of preventing the entrance of any imitated product .
  • Prosecuting any violators of any legally protected rights of the customers before any judicial authorities or more, such as :
    1. Commercial judicature
    2. Criminal judicature
    3. Civil judicature
    4. Administrative judicature
  • Using a set of legally protected procedures and judicially applicable for the sake of having a strict enforcement against anyone violates or breaches customers’ rights through applicable judicial orders , where also there are multiple means of judicial protection of rights , and methods of enforcement are as follows: -
  • Provisional seizure of the imitated goods and it will be as confiscation once the judicial judgment is issued.
  • Spoiling the imitated goods.
  • Confiscation the imitated goods instead of spoiling them, in case that procedure does not affect the customer right.
  • Spoiling or confiscating the materials or production modes used in manufacturing goods, and closing the factory either partially or completely as per judiciary discretion.
  • Publishing an apology by violator for the breach committed against the customer.
  • Having criminal judgment in terms of prison or paying fine against the violator as per penalties mentioned in the law.
  • Compensation the victim customer according to what estimated by experienced persons in this field , and as per the damage occurred to customer.

As for legal services having judiciary features:

Actually, this service comes later after occurring any imitation for any mark, or form registered for the customer. This rarely happens, and in case it occurs, then it is considered as an independent case subject to special agreement by which the customer shall be treated in a special way.

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