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They are our field such as (Intellectual Rights) whether these rights are trade marks, industrial drawings, patents or copyrights.

It is worth mentioned that we are distinguished in providing such services since a long time. Also we are providing the services of registering the trademarks, Industrial models and patents at the concerned bodies in addition to presenting the objection before the administrative authorities regarding any similar marks or models.

Besides, we are defending such rights before the jurisdiction whether the dispute is about the intellectual right or it is violated by quotation or entire or partial imitation in a manner that may mislead consumers. Also we are concerned about cases of cheques, bills or any other commercial documents, supplies and insurance contracts, commercial mortgage, shipping, marine and land transportation, and the disputes resulted from local and foreign trading agencies, trade names of the stores, Firms and different companies.

Besides, all cases related to banking works, bankruptcy, liquidation, and all relevant trading works such as tax, customs or zakat disputes and any other disputes relating to local or foreign investment.

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